Past Events

Galerie Mark Müller

Galerie Mark Müller, Gessnerallee 36, 8001 Zürich
April 22, 2009, 8pm
Joseph Kudirka: wyoming snow (2006/2008)
Manfred Werder: 2009
Toshiya Tsunoda: The Argyll Recordings (2008)

April 23, 2009, 8pm
Jason Brogan: cuts (1) (2009)
Stefan Thut: vier, fünf (2008)
Antoine Beuger: kiarostami quintets (2004)

April 24, 2009, 8pm
Taylan Susam: for maaike schoorel (2009)
Eric La Casa: air.ratio (2006)
Michael Pisaro: Ascending Series (2.2) (2009)

April 25, 2009, 8pm
John Lely: new work
James Saunders: new work
Tim Parkinson: new work

incidental music
Julia Eckhardt, viola; Normisa Pereira da Silva, flute, Stefan Thut, violoncello, Manfred Werder, varia
Guest: Angharad Davies, violin

An evening with BJ Cole, Henri Vaxby, Catherine Kontz and Angharad Davies

Cafe Oto

New Sounds from Britain and Ireland 2008 4

5pm - 7pm John White - Cello and Tuba Machine (1968)

8pm Michael Parsons - 4 Oblique Pieces

Paul Whitty - 4 pieces from 39 pages

Jennifer Walshe - dirty white fields

Howard Skempton - Tuba Da Caccia

Howard Skempton - Low

Richard Emsley - Still/s 3

Angharad Davies - tri swn

Dowager Marchylove - (performed by Jennifer Walshe)

Angharad Davies violin; Tim Parkinson piano; Jay Rozen tuba; Jennifer Walshe violin & voice; Alex Waterman cello

Listen/Space 195 Skillman Avenue (corner of Skillman & Humboldt) Williamsburg Brooklyn NY USA

New Sounds from Britain and Ireland 2008 3

John Lely - The Parsons Code for Melodic Contours

James Saunders - #111308

Tim Parkinson - untitled (2004c)

Laurence Crane - Come back to the old specimin cabinet John Vigani, John Vigani part 3

John White - Autumn Countdown Machine

Angharad Davies violin; Jay Rozen tuba; Alex Waterman cello; Aaron Meicht auxilliary; David Shively auxilliary; Craig Shepard trombone; Travis Just clarinet; James Saunders auxilliary; Tim Parkinson piano & auxilliary

Ontological Theater Parish Hall St Mark's Church 131 E. 10th St (at 2nd Ave.) Manhattan NY USA

New Sounds from Britain and Ireland 2008 2

4-5pm Michael Parsons - Walk to take place in McCarren Park, Williamsburg

8pm Paul Whitty - ricercare or where the f*** are we?

Chris Newman - Soul Damage
Lee Patterson - Terrain
John Lely - All About the Piano
Intermission film - Gavin Bryars - Far Away and Dimly Peeling
Henri Vaxby - violin and voice
Laurence Crane - Steyning
Matthew Shlomowitz - Letter Piece No.5 - Northern Cities
Intermission film - Chris Newman

New Sounds from Britain and Ireland 2008 1

Chris Newman - String Quartet (1981)
John Lely - The Harmonics of Real Strings
James Saunders - either/or
Laurence Crane - Cello Piece for Michael Parsons
Markus Trunk - Four Stills
Tim Parkinson - trio with objects
Jennifer Walshe - minard/nithsdale

Jennifer Choi violin; Angharad Davies violin; Stephanie Griffin viola; Alex Waterman cello; Travis Just clarinet; Tim Parkinson, James Saunders, David Shively auxilliary

Ontological Theater Parish Hall St Mark's Church 131 E. 10th St (at 2nd Ave.) Manhattan NY USA

Music We'd Like to Hear

New York, 8-14/12/2008
James Saunders, John Lely, Tim Parkinson+AD

Jim Thirwell Manorexia




Aus Den Sieben Tagen



Cafe Oto, London 2pm - 10pm

Oceans of Silver and Blood proudly present


8 International Sound Artists
Separated and joined by time for 8 hours

Angharad Davies (Wales)
Henrik Rylander (Sweden)
Tomas Korber (Switzerland)
Bill Kouligas (Greece)
Lasse Marhaug (Norway)
Joachim Nordwall (Sweden)
Nikos Veliotis (Greece)
Mark Wastell (England)

This concert marks the third interpretation of Joachim Nordwall's Drone People series. Previously there has been a 5 hour version in Amsterdam and a 24 hour version in Stockholm.







Rodrigo Montoya, Marcio Mattos, Javier Carmona, Angharad Davies, Matt Davis & Patrick Farmer

Cafe OTO, London

WEDNESDAY 12th November 2008

Times : 8pm/Tickets : £6

Link- http://www.cafeoto.co.uk/programme/Trio-RodrigoMontoyaMarcioMattosJavierCarmona.shtm

Two new improvising trios featuring :

Rodrigo Montoya (tsugaru-shamisen)
Marcio Mattos (cello, double-bass)
Javier Carmona (drums, percussion)


Angharad Davies (violin)
Matt Davis (trumpet, electronics)
Patrick Farmer (amplified percussion

Apartment House


Tony Conrad + Angharad Davies


John White - C Major Machine

Performers - Angharad Davies, John Lely, Tim Parkinson, James Saunders

Catherine Kontz, Jez Riley French + Angharad Davies

Seeds and Bridges

Cafe Oto


'Redux' Live- ensemble performance

The Basement Gallery Dundalk Presents,


'Redux' is an exhibition of new and recreated works by Tom Flanagan. The exhibition explores ideas of displacement in everyday experience and its metamorphosis into the surreal and subliminal. Through�film, installation, performance, sets and sculptural objects, real and fictional characters, images and actions collude in the pursuit of a growing body of personal mythologies and archetypes.

'Superego' redux is a single channel�experimental film, which will be screened and performed live on the opening night at 8pm with an ensemble of musicians from the UK and Ireland including Angharad Davies, Robert Casey and Scott McLaughlin. The exhibition also includes a limited edition artist book commissioned by the Basement Gallery and supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.


Tom Flanagan is a visual artist, filmmaker, curator and lecturer in digital media based in Galway. Recent group exhibitions include Live@no8 Galway 2008, , Phoenix Video Art Festival Brighton, In-Feed@The Blackwood Gallery Toronto Canada, Spark Contemporary Art Space in Syracuse NY, New York, Artspace 21 Galway, 'HappenStance' Artspace Galway, Tuam Arts Festival, �House Projects 'Lighthouse Caravan' London 2007(Solo exhibitions) Tulca Galway 2006, 2005, Studio 6 Temple Bar Gallery and Studios Dublin 2006, Belltable Arts centre Limerick 2004.

Perview 7.30 pm Thursday July 10th
Live ensemble performance 8pm sharp

Music We'd Like to Hear

Music we'd like to hear: three concerts on three wednesdays curated by three composers

Tim Parkinson: 2nd july 2008

Still/s 1-6

Markus Trunk: 9th july 2008

organ and silence

John Lely: 16th july 2008

portrait of michael parsons

Venue / Time: 7:30 church of st anne & st agnes london ec2 7bx.

£9 (£6)


Galerie Nosbaum & Reding

Experimental scores and free improv at
Galerie Nosbaum & Reding, Art Contemporain
4 rue Wiltheim, L-2733 Luxembourg

Angharad Davies, Ansuman Biswas, Catherine Kontz, Henri Vaxby and Rhodri Davies

Premiere of new work commissioned by the Banque centrale du Luxembourg. By invitation only.

Tony Conrad, MV Carbon, Dominic Lash + Angharad Davies

Tate Modern, Turbine Hall

Lost and Found Project

Lost and Found Project, Oxford Brookes

SARU symposium 09-JUN-2008: LOST & FOUND

1030-1730, RHB07 & RHB10, Richard Hamilton Building, Oxford Brookes University

Sonic Art Research Unit http://ah.brookes.ac.uk/saru


MICHAEL FINNISSY [composer-performer; University of Southampton]

GEOFF HANNAN [composer]

JOHN LELY [composer; Goldsmiths College]

DAVID LILLINGTON [writer-curator]

PAUL NEWLAND [composer; Oxford Brookes University; Trinity-Laban]

REDELL OLSEN [poet-writer; Royal Holloway]

TIM PARKINSON [composer-performer]

JAMES SAUNDERS [composer-performer; Bath Spa University]


PAUL WHITTY [composer; Oxford Brookes University]


Great Hall , Goldsmiths College, London, UK 7:00 pm featuring free improvisation and electronics by

 Mike Bullock (banjo, electr.), Jamie Coleman (trmp), Angharad 
 Davies (vln), John Lely (unspec.), Sebastian Lexer (pno+) & Seymour 
 Wright (sax)
 The Lawn
 Trinity College of Music Improv group
 Directed by Mark Lockheart

 entry: free/donations (sugg. £6), doors open 6:50 pm

 contact: interlace at incalcando dot com tel: 07932 566 378
 website: http://interlace.incalcando.com/
 venue: Great Hall, Goldsmiths College, Lewisham Way, New Cross, London SE14